How much do they cost?

Rental rates for Mini Storage units are available here. Please contact us for current pricing and availability of Condominium Storage units.

Why buy a Tower Storage condominium?

  • Provides storage for your large toys, such as RVs, boats and cars.
  • Many condominium units in Door County have no garages and do not allow outside storage for boats, RVs or extra cars.
  • Real property investment.
  • 24/7 Access
  • You will enjoy the benefits from property ownership over renting. Which may include appreciation, building equity, unit customization, the power to resell at anytime, and more.

Do I pay taxes and insurance on my Tower Storage condominium?

  • Yes. Your taxes will be based on the assessed valuation assigned by the county assessor. The taxes can vary, so call for the latest information.
  • Insurance for all the buildings and common area is paid from the yearly assessment. You are responsible for any additional coverage you would like to have.

Are there association fees for the condominium units?

The assessments for 2021 are as follows:
  • 18'- $206.25/yr
  • 24'- $275/yr
  • 36' - $412.50/yr

Are there Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs)?

Yes, for condominium units. Covenants, conditions and restrictions apply.

Can I customize my unit?

Yes, condominium units that have been purchased may be customized. All improvements to condominium units must be approved by the condominium board.

What size are the overhead doors?

  • Mini-storage doors are 9x9'.
  • Condominium storage door heights are 15' tall, with widths of 14', 16' or 18' depending upon unit size.

Do the units have service doors?

Yes, front and back service doors are provided only on maxi-storage units.

Are unit sizes flexible?

It is possible to combine adjacent units. Please call for details.

How wide are the drive-aisles?

There are 75' drive-aisles between buildings in the condominium storage area, and 45' between buildings in the mini-storage area.

Are the units individually metered?

  • Condominium units are individually metered. Electric for condominium rentals is billed to tenant.
  • Mini-storage units do not have electric

How can I see one?

Where are you located?

We are located at 11666 Old Stage Ct. Ellison Bay, WI. However this is the site address and does not receive mail.

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